The Story

GalaxyX - Unveiling Cosmic Fortunes

In deep space, The Nebulons, a legendary group of space explorers, embarked on daring missions to uncover cosmic mysteries and hidden treasures, driven by curiosity and a thirst for wealth.

During an expedition to the enigmatic Galaxy X, they made a groundbreaking discovery that changed their lives. Amidst celestial wonders, they found a hyper-deflationary coin with unparalleled potential. Recognizing its potential, The Nebulons saw a future where the crypto, that they named $GalaxyX, could revolutionize economies across the universe, empowering individuals.

The Nebulons intentionally burned 50% of the supply ensured scarcity and value increase. An anti-whale dumping mechanism prevented manipulation, while ongoing supply burning added to its value.

United by this vision, they mined and distributed $GalaxyX across space, introducing it as interstellar currency. Its hyper-deflationary nature could combat inflation and its anti-whale dumping mechanisms promoted stability, which promoted economic growth.

The Nebulons, once explorers, became economic pioneers, revolutionizing the Cosmos. Their legacy endured as those who uncovered crypto's potential, reshaping worlds and inspiring dreams.

Buy $GalaxyX
  • Burn: 50%
  • Liquidity: 40%
  • CEX: 5% (Locked)
  • Team: 2.5%
  • Marketing: 2.5%
Name - Galaxy X

Symbol - $GalaxyX

Network - ETH (ERC20)

Max Supply - 5 Billion

To be announced

BUY 3% - 2.5% Marketing | 0.5% Burn

SELL 3% - 2.5% Marketing | 0.5% Burn


The Features

Why choose Galaxy X

50% Supply Burned

Fueling value by reducing supply by 50%. Boosting scarcity and potential gains. Aligned with transparency and tokenomics. Building investor trust and pushing market boundaries.

Multi-sig Protection

Ensuring the utmost security for your funds, we employ a multisig wallet. This method uses different keys held by separate entities, fortifying transaction protection and your investments.

3 month Liquidity Lock

Secure 3 months liquidity lock ensures that the token activities, including trading are backed by protective measures, highlighting our commitment of maintaining the value of your investments.

Anti-Dump Mechanism

Our novel anti-dump system prevents large buyers ("whales") from distorting prices, ensuring fairness and boosting investor confidence. Join for transparency and security in finance.

Our Partners
OUr Roadmap

Galaxy X Roadmap

Phase 1

- Contract Creation and Audit - Website Launch - Influencer Engagement - Community Building - 50% Supply Burn
Phase 2
- Pinksale Fairlaunch - Prelaunch Marketing Push - Launch on Uniswap - CMC and CG Listing - Contests and Giveaways
Phase 3
CEX Listing Drive Galaxy X NFTs Global Marketing Push Merch Store Ecosystem Development
Phase 4
- Launch Play 2 Earn dapp - DeFi Integration - DAO - ANNOUNCE PHASE 5

The Crew

GalaxyX Team

The Voyager


Dr. Spacebourne


Nova Stellernaut


Orion Starcrest


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